Monday, 20 February 2017

MontessoriLove February

If you missed the announcement in January, there is something really special happening this year.

Every month on the 21st for 2017 some fantastic Montessori sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers will be spreading some MontessoriLove in the form some amazing bargains. Each month there will be a different offer - this month we're having a DOLLAR DAY! All MontessoriLove items will be reduced to $1.

How do you find these items? Simply go to the Teachers Pay Teachers site and enter "MontessoriLove" in the search field.

My featured MontessoriLove item for February is the ever popular Solar System: Who Am I? Cards

This game is a great way to enhance and consolidate the children's first knowledge of the solar system. By printing a second copy you can create a control booklet.

Also up for grabs are my Collective Nouns set and Fundamental Needs Introductory Set.

Other great MontessoriLove items this month:
(click on the images to go straight to the product)

Art Through the Ages: The Beginning

Polluted & Clean Environment Sorting Cards

Seasonal Number Quantity & Symbol Set

Golden Bead Place Value Set

Synonyms - Shades of Meaning

All of these great products are at the risk-free price of $1 for February 21st only.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

When Montessori Doesn't Work

A quick search on the internet will bring up an array of posts and articles about Montessori, both good and bad. I always find it disheartening when I come across ones that are disparaging about Montessori, especially those that are based on personal experience, whether it be as a home-schooler or from attending a Montessori school.

Here are some of the fundamental reasons why I believe Montessori may not work for some:

Friday, 3 February 2017

Art Across The Curriculum {It's Elementary! #7}

Art. Possibly one the area's new Montessori teachers struggle most with to incorporate authentically in the environment. Art can be a tricky one to balance because as teachers we are more often than not trained to teach in this explicit, overt and inflexible way.

After reading Psychogeometry it cemented my beliefs about how art should unfold in the elementary class. Art begins with the geometry cabinet and then extends to all other areas.

As with other learning areas in Montessori, it is a matter of process rather than product. Give students techniques and skills as appropriate and introduce concepts one at a time building their understanding and repertoire.

Art should be woven through the curriculum - history, language, geography, biology, geometry and maths. The driving force would be from the child's interest and as extensions of the work they are choosing. Being prepared is key, and I hope to discuss this more in an upcoming post.

The picture above is of my dedicated art shelf ready for the new school year. I have the basics ready for exploring line and water colours to demonstrate techniques.

It's Elementary!